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We look holistically at the employee life cycle, offering a suite of Staffing Solutions to suit the differing stages of your business and employee needs.

Temp Services

This is the service to select when you need somebody urgently! Best utilised for short-term assignments and often with open-ended time frames, a Temp is your best bet. Whether it is covering sick leave, filling a gap or helping to clear a backlog, a Temp is the most simple and effective way to inject extra resources in the short-term without the commitment of a permanent employee. We take care of Temp wages and payroll tasks, and simply send you a weekly invoice. We also offer a special flat Temp-to-Perm Fee if you decide they are too good to let go!

Contractor Services

Typically Contractors are more specialised in skilled areas such as Accounting or Finance, Sales or Marketing Project Management and used to cover longer durations such as Maternity Leave or for the duration of projects where extra skilled resources are required. Contractors are a great way to secure a more senior level of candidate.

Permanent Services

If you are replacing or increasing your permanent staffing numbers then this is the service you will need. We can provide you with a comprehensive, full end-to-end recruitment service from a consultation with you, searching, screening, interviewing, assessing, reference checking and profiling, while maintaining close involvement at every stage - leaving you with peace of mind knowing the experts have it well in hand. We offer a choice of solutions, very competitive rates and recognise our exclusive clients with premium arrangements. 
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Outplacement Solutions

Providing Outplacement support to those individuals or teams affected by redundancy has significant benefit to both the organisation and the individual during a challenging time of change and uncertainty. Our expert consultants work with your staff, delivering informative and practical solutions that they can apply immediately. Covering pertinent areas such as CV Development, Interview Skills and Job Search Strategies; Networking; Employment Agencies and LinkedIn, providing the core essentials for supporting your staff through transition and navigating through the world of work with a greater level of confidence and preparedness, and increasing their chances of successfully finding their next role.
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Consulting Services

Interview Training for Managers

For some hiring managers, interviewing prospective employees, including those vetted by an agency, is not necessarily a strong suit and in some instances, nerve-wracking. There is something to be said for confident interviewing and for those wanting to provide prospective employees with a good first impression, we provide consulting services that could include having an expert during the interview to 'lead', allowing you as the manager the opportunity to observe, listen and learn. Alternatively, we can spend time with you 1:1 outlining an interview structure to follow, complete with pre-prepared, tailored interview questions.

Recruitment Process Planning and Development

Many small businesses do not have a clear recruitment process in place, assuming that each hiring manager knows not only what to do, but how. This can lead to inconsistencies and often large holes in the recruitment process, which can result in a poor hiring choice. It is important to have a clear, robust business policy outlining the recruitment process for the management team to follow. We can work with you to review existing processes, identify any gaps and, in consultation with you, plan the way forward developing for your business a documented process overview, complete with appropriate templates, that you can easily absorb into your current business systems.

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