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Recruitment Solutions

We manage the recruitment process so you don't have to!

Recruiting throughout all vertical levels of organisations, from Entry Level through to Mid and Senior Level Management, we work with a diverse range of industry sectors and business disciplines, concentrating on recruiting within the core areas of business functions such as:

Sales, Marketing, Operations, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Customer Services, Administration, Reception and Support Staff.

We have a range of Recruitment Solutions to suit:

Flat Fee

This service is designed specifically for tight recruitment budgets and targeted at positions pitched at $48K and below where the application volumes can be extremely high. We provide the beginning piece of the recruitment service for a very affordable one-off flat fee. We provide you with our services for one month, taking ownership of the advertising, screening and vetting stages of the process, which is often the most time-consuming and causes the biggest headache for many managers, leaving you to select from a handful of the best applicants on the market! A great reason to outsource to experts, free up more of your time but without blowing the budget.

Cost Effective

This option is mid-tier and suitable for all vacancies over $48K; still offering a cost effective option for ease of budget management, with the advantage of greater flexibility than the flat fee. Charged as an hourly rate for service, we take ownership of the advertising, screening, vetting, assessing and interview stages of the process as well as co-ordination of interviews, reference checks and candidate liaison. Additional unbundled services such as pre-employment checks, computer assessments, leading interviews, and interview training for hiring managers can be added on, should budget allow.


This option is the full suite of recruitment management, and suitable for positions of all levels. Charged as a % fee based on successful placement, this comprehensive solution offers less financial risk for employers yet delivers a full and robust service. We take ownership of all elements of the recruitment process including the provision of consulting services to the hiring manager throughout the process, computer assessments, close candidate management, and mediation of contract negotiations if required.

Customised Solutions

Do you have a unique business situation that doesn’t necessarily fall into a mainstream recruitment service?
We believe in being adaptable and flexible wherever possible. We are more than happy to discuss your unique business needs and tailor a recruitment plan specially for your business.