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Career Coaching

  • Are you in a career rut?
  • Contemplating a complete change?
  • In need of a career management plan? 

We have a range of packages available to suit your particular set of circumstances. Whether it is identifying your career vision; constructing a career plan complete with strategies and key actions; or exploring a whole new career path, our experienced and trained career coaches can support you. Coaching sessions can be delivered either face-to-face (Auckland only) or via phone or Skype throughout New Zealand.


An explorative and reflective option and perfect for self-starters to shape your career. A self-managing and directing online career centre that provides you with 4 key modules exploring your unique Values, Motivators, Talents and Occupational Preferences. In addition, further clarity can be gained around your Career Vision as well as access to helpful planning tools and resources.

"Explore and Expand"

Do you need a little more support in constructing the next steps in your career? Building on the completion of the online career centre, one of our experienced career consultants will work with you in a 90 minute coaching session to create an exciting career plan unique to you, complete with goals and strategies. This is a great opportunity for you to have independent and confidential input into your career planning process.


This is perfect for anyone looking at taking a completely new direction. The "Potential" package combines a psychometric assessment with a 1 hour feedback session with a qualified and experienced consultant to help you identify new and exciting career paths. Revealing your unique capabilities, this assessment provides you with a clearer understanding of your strengths and how they align to specific careers, providing a great framework in which to begin building your career plan.

Additional Coaching

For those seeking extra support, additional 60 minute coaching sessions are available.

Are you ready to explore and clarify your career vision? Do you have a career plan in place to manage your success?
Please contact us today to discuss which programme is best suited to your needs, and get excited about your future!